Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, February 02, 2007

We are awful people

So this is the post where all of you will think I'm an awful person. This is Bizkit. We bought him after we got married. He was our baby. Then we found out we were pregnant. He was still our baby for 8 months, and we really tried to keep him in the house after Tanner was born, but he was SO hyper. And thats the nature of his breed. So after trying to train him to stay out of the bassinet, we decided to make him an outside dog. He has a huge yard to run, plenty of shade, and a swimming pool. Scott made sure to go out and play with him everyday. So fast foward to new jobs and school full time....and a lot of miscommunicaton. Some how we forgot to feed him. Yes we are awful, and I dont mean for one or two days, more like 4 or 5. Scott thought I was feeding him and I thought Scott was feeding him. So the night before yesterday I told Scott to bring Bizkit in because it was going to be really cold. Well when he got out there Bizkit could barely walk. He looked awful. He literally looks like a skeleton with fur. Its awful. I really thought he was going to die. We are awful people. How did we forget something like this. Do feed our dog? We brought him in, and cleaned him up and now we're feeding him with a bottle and cooking high fat and protein meals. We've done lots of research and we're trying to nurse him back to health. I've been crying all day. If you asked me this morning if I thought he was going to make, I would say no. I sat in the bathroom with him all morning trying to feed him and get him to drink , and he wouldnt. I got home from work and sat there and rubbed pedilite on his lips trying to get him drink. And guess what he did, then he ate. And now he's walking around. Slowly, but he's walking around. Now as if he would go to the bathroom, I would be so happy. I'm still so scared. And I feel guilty as hell. We dont deserve animals. So I know I'm not one to ask for prayers but if you can say a little one for Bizkit. We love him and he is part of our family.


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