Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, January 19, 2007

We're still alive

Its been a whole day since I posted, its been awhile since I did that. Tanner is starting to feel better. He's still a little whiney and clingy but he is playing and eating some. Always a good thing. I went back to school yeserday to find out I had a test I didnt know about to
take. I have one in Med.Insurance every Thurs so I studied for that, but I had no clue about my AMA II class. Since I didnt want to take a make up test I went ahead and took it. I got a B. So I'm not too mad. Next time I will have to call someone and find out that stuff so I'm prepared. I'm so glad its Friday, I'm ready to be off from work. The kids at daycare are getting "cabin fever" because they can't go outside and play. And of course they take it out on us grown ups. So tonight we're going out to dinner at Applebees, and then we're coming home to watch "Lady in the Water" I've been wanting to see it, and Beck let us borrow it. So....thats it for now. I think Tanner is ready to take a nap, and I think I am too before I go to work.

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