Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Talking to Auntie Kristi

I just took these. They are too cute not to share. I am on the phone with my sister in NC, and Tanner took the phone and crawled up in the chair and began to babble like he knew what he was saying. LOL. The things kids do.
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Being Bored

Well now that I can upload, I'll put up a new picture. It was taken Wed. before we went to the doc. Today has been a pretty boring day. We've been pretty lazy. Its been raining (yeah) and thundering. I've also been waiting around to hear from my in laws so I can go pick them up from the airport, as of now it may be late. Like almost midnight by the time the get here. Yuck. But its cool, I dont have to work tomorrow. But I really dont like to drive that late at night. So we're praying they made the early flight. Well I'm off to give my monster a bath, and read some books. Hopefully we will be getting a phone call here soon.
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Tanner shakes his bootie!!

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If there was any doubt that he's feeling better...here's the proof.
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Friday, July 28, 2006

Tanner and now Me...

Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
So I've been tagged by Tonya.

*Alone or with people? Definately with people. I am a people person, my sister always complains that I talk to much...I couldnt stand to be alone

*Summer or Winter? Winter. Because winter in Georgia, is like fall other places. It gets chilly and just cold enough that its nice to cuddle under a blanket, and then of course there's Tanner's bday and Christmas.

*Black or White? Both, cant choose just one

*Observe, or get along from the very first moment? I get along pretty much with everyone from the start, but I'm kinda guarded until I know them very well

*Clown, or Drama (Queen/King)?I think I have my moments as both. If you ask Tanner I'm a clown, if you ask people at work, here lately they'd probably say drama queen

*A Hummer, or A BMW convertible car? If I could afford the gas...a hummer. The more room the better when you have kids

*Loyal or………I am very loyal. To my friends and family. Even to my job. Sometimes too much I think

**3 people I tag, are Beck, Tif, and Steph. (Sorry I cant link to you...again the problem with the computer)

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He's Back!!!

Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
Yep, my little boy is feeling better and is on the go again. Can we all say Yippee!!! Its been a rough week. We have been at the dr, everyday except Thurs. So we took him of his medicine and guess what?! No more episodes. No crying, no pain, and he's eating again. So now we wait. We're all a little scared that that he may become constipated again, hoping not. But its a possiblitly. But we are now giving him prune juice daily insted of medicine. Well today was his official "18 month" check up even though he's 19 months. Everything looks good. He weighs 25 pounds (he lost a pound this week). He's 32 inches tall. He's right in the 50 percentile for everything. He's on target with development too. He had to get one shot, and they checked his iron again to make sure his counts havnet dropped. And he's still within the normal range. Which is awesome. SO no more doctors until he's 2. Love it!! He's been eating all day. And I've been letting him. Probably no the best thing to do. But he's got some catching up to do.

What else is going on. On a kinda bummed note, I didnt get the job I was hoping for. SO starting Monday I'm off too look and apply. I am hoping to be out of my job by Christmas. Scott and I have also talked about me going to school. We will see how that goes.

Last but not least. Let me apologize in advance because our computer is still acting screwy. I cant upload any new pics. Its taken forever to publish post. Someone is suppose to come out and check our modem, but they wont be here until Wed. So that leaves us kinda back to the stone age of dial up speed. Which justs sucks butt!!!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby's First MeMe

Look at that belly
Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.

Tanner got tagged by Ian, I thought is was cute so we decided to have a go.

3 Nicknames
-T-Bone (by his auntie Kristi)
-Big Man

3 People That Make Me Laugh
- Daddy
-Mya the cat

3 Things I Love
-Balls of ALL sizes!
-His monkey "Baaby
-My tricycle

3 Things I Hate
-The dark!
-Being told no

3 Things I Don't Understand
-Why I get told no
-Having to get in the car seat

3 Things On My Floor
-My big spiderman pillow and blanket
-Toys, toys and more toys
-And my hairbrush

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now
-Sucking a paci
-Playing in my playroom
-Looking cute

3 Things I Can Do
-Say mommy and daddy
-Show you my nose

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
-Slightly mischievous..well more than slightly

3 Things I Cannot Do (yet)
-Talk in full sentances
-Show you my belly
-Eat with a spoon

3 Absolute Favorite Foods
-Cereal...especially fruit loops
-macaroni and cheese
-chicken nuggets

3 Foods I do NOT like
-any type of vegetable
-speghetti (yes I'm wierd)
- apples (I saidI was weird)

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly

3 Shows I Watch
- Mickey Mouse Club House
- All playhouse Disney show

3 Boys I tag
-Baby Christopher
-Baby Holden

3 girls I tag
-Morgan B.
-Anna and Emma

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And so it continued...

Yes, around 4am my little man woke up screaming in pain. Again. He fell back asleep around 5, which is when I have to get up for work. Since he was asleep I decided to go. Scott calls me around 8 to tell me he had another episode. So I call the dr, and we're told to come in. When I get home, my little man is still asleep. Scott said he had pretty much been asleep all day. Poor guy. So we go to the doc, and she checks him again, and she said it was in the back of her mind about the twisted bowel. But she still didnt think he had that, because in the Dr's office he was happy and playing. She said she really didnt want to put him through any procedure that he didnt need. (Thank God). She did tell us that she had done some research on the medicine he is taking, and she showed up the side effects, guess what? My child has everyone. No joke. So she talked to us a little more and told us not to give him anymore medicine and when he goes back on Friday we'll see how he did. Let's just say as soon as we left the doctor, he was wiped out. We stopped by and visited Beck at work, and he was just "blah". On the way home he had a crying spell, and around 5 he had another one. I know its going to take a little while for the medicine to get out of his system, but it just sucks having to wait it out. I also ended up taking a week off work. I hate calling in, so I just decdied to use my vacation. As of right now, he's doing okay. His sitting on my lap, because he's still clingy. But he's pretty happy. We've played a little and rested alot. So heres hoping the next 2 days go by without much more incidents.
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World Cloud

I saw this on a website I read and thought it was pretty cute. SO I figured I'd give it a try.
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Tanner does the ER

Tanner in the ER
Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.

So I'm having my sister do this for me via email, since my computer is being so extremely stubborn and wont let me upload anything. I cant even upload comments on blogs right now. Let me say thanks to Beck for posting my comment for me. Thanks hon. Okay so let me start with yesterday. Around 445 yesterday Tanner started crying (remember I had said he had been fussy the day before) so at first I thought that's what it was. But his cry was different. It was a pain cry and I felt his stomach because that's what the problem has been in the past few weeks. And it was rock hard. Which kinda freaked me out because Scott said he had 2 good poops. Well he cried and cried for an hour so I finally broke down and called the phone nurse and she told me that if he had been crying that long he needed to go to the ER and be checked. Here comes the fun part. Scott had my car, and the truck was out of gas. Where he works there are no direct phone lines, so the only way I can get in touch with him his via email. SO that's what I do. Meanwhile I called Beck to see if she could take me just in case Scott doesn't get the email. Bless her heart. She tried and tried to help me find a number to get hold of Scott with. (There is an emergency number but do I have it..of course not). But by the grace of God he gets the email and gets home as quick as he can. (It was storming so it took him a while longer) by the time he gets here, Tanner has stopped crying but I think it was from exhaustion. So lets fast forward to the ER. (The hospital is a teaching one, so just imagine it like the ER TV show) We were seen quickly. First we saw "Carter" (back when he was a resident). He looked at Tanner's ears, nose, throat. Pressed the belly Listened to his belly and stood back and looked pretty (he really did) and listened to what we said. He then goes, I'm going to talk to the Pediatrician on call. 15 minutes later...enter "Doug Ross" (George Clooneys character). He redid everything the first guy did, and then he proceed to give Tanner and internal exam (think prostate exam for men) my little man screamed and cried. Which in turn broke my heart and made me want to kill him. Then he said he thinks the medicine that Tanner is on is giving him gas. And that would cause stomach cramps (if George Clooney had told me that, I might be okay with it, but his guy was NO Clooney) so he then says he will be back. I think about 15 minutes pass and Toot finally calms back down...Then come" Carter", "Ross", and "Weaver" (I'm guessing she was the chief resident). She does a repeat of what the other 2 have done and I'm like okay now...and the "Ross" tells us he has to do another internal exam because he forgot to check for blood!! I was almost in tears. No joke. So again my poor baby is screaming and crying. And they all agree with the "gas" diagnosis. Before we leave the "Carter" guy comes back with a popsicle and makes friends with Tanner. Then he tells us that is rare but it happens that babies bowels sometime twist and cause tons of pain. He said there wasn't any sign but it doesn't mean its not there. So we thanked him and left. We get home around 1145 eat, and get in bed. That lasted less than an hour. Tanner woke up crying, and crying and crying. Scott and I took turns rubbing his belly, walking, and rocking. He finally passed out from sheer exhaustion. But he didn't sleep good. He woke up a lot. Which means so did we. So I didn't go to work. I called his Dr and made an appt. They got us in pretty quick. I told her everything that had happened. And she just listened to his belly. And felt it. She said she didn't think it was the medicine because he's been on it for over 10 days. She said that everything felt okay. But she did think he had a virus. (Remember the fever over the weekend) She said she had another patient today who had the same problem. No other symptoms but really bad cramping. She said that made more sense that his medicine all of sudden doing it. She also talked to me about the twisted bowel. She said she is confident he doesn't have it because he let her feel on his stomach with out screaming. She said that if it happened again tonight to call the night nurse, and tell her she said to page her and she would run X-rays and blood work. (and that is why I like our Dr better) He has to go back on Friday. So far, he's been very clingy but no more crying. (Which makes me feel she's right about the virus). So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for all your concern. It really means a lot. I will try to keep everyone updated, but it really depends on what my stubborn computer decides to do.

(Things are finally working so I'm reposting from flickr. Sorry if your comments were erased)

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Real quick

I just wanted to let everyone know that Tanner is fine. We did have to take him to the ER and to the doctor again today. I will try to post more tonight but either AOL or my computer is messing up, so everytime I post it times out. Hopefully it will fix itself soon so I can go into detail...
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Tanner Show

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Found this cool website from this blog. Thought I would try it out. What do you think?
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Fussy, fussy baby

So I said yesterday Tanner didnt feel good. I still dont think he feels good today. His fever is gone. But boy has he been fussy. With a capital "F". Nothing seems to make him happy. I'm thinking he's getting his last couple of teeth. He's been chewing on stuff. He's been very clingy, which I love, but he just doesnt stop fussing. SO Scott and I took turns cuddling and rocking. But now Scotts at work. He wont eat. I hate when something is wrong and I dont know what it is. I fustrates me so much! Well I'm off to rock some more, hopefully he will take a nap.
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Here comes the rain....

And the thunder, and the lightening. You know what? Its wonderful. It has made today a lazy curl up in the recliner with Tanner. And he has been extra cuddly today because he's running a fever. About 101. I should have known when he slept until 1000 this morning something was up. He's not been fussy. Just clingy. Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow. He's just been laying down pretty much all day. And he cried and cried when Scott left for work. My poor baby...
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An end of my week

Look at me....
Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
Aaagghh!!!! Tension breaker. My whole week at work has been hell. I dont know if its because I've made the desicion to leave or if things are truly getting worse. I'm thinking, its a little of both. For those of you who know where I work, lets just say that I have worked everywhere this past week. It drives me crazy. I swear to you. I dont mind helping people out and work when they need, I really dont. BUT let me finish my job first. I am responsible for my area, let me get it straight and I will come help. Lets just say, I was pretty much told my area is unimportant. GO figure, but at the end of the day when my area isnt done, what happens? It falls on me without fail. I can get my job done. I always do. So why cant everyone else???? Sorry that wasnt suppose to come out. I know some people have huge areas. Okay, okay....1,2,3,4....I feel better now. Lets just say when I got in my car to come home yesterday, the relief was over whelming.

On a positive note, my little man is 19 months old today. Time is flying. We've come to learn he is a comedian. Much like his daddy. I wish I could drive and video tape at the same time, but seeing I did just wreck my car a couple of months ago thats probably not a good idea. We were going to my in laws yesterday (I was driving) and Scott was making faces at Tanner playing a little game. I noticed Toot looked like he was going to sleep, and Scott turned around and made a face, and it kinda went unnoticed, until Scott turned around and Tanner just busted out laughing...like haha, I got you daddy. So I looked in the rearview, and noticed he was doing it again. And each time, Scott turned back around, Tanner would yell with laughter. It was great. And too funny if you were there. Well I'm off to start the laundry. Everyone is still asleep and this is "My" time. And I using part of it to pray for rain, any one else want to pray with me....

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

See what happens

When daddy feeds Tanner lunch? Mac and cheese in his hair. LOL. and he is loving it. I love the whole finger in his mouth, like he's going hmmm.....I'm just so friggen cute with macaroni and cheese in my hair. And lets face it, he is.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

He looks like his daddy

You wont hear me say that often, because everyone seems to think he looks like me. But there is something about this picture that reminds me of Scott. When I look at it, that's who I see. Maybe there is some hope for him yet....
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I just knew....

Originally uploaded by Becca's pics.
I posted four times the other day for a reason. Seeing I had NO way to check my internet or read my daily blogs!!! I was going through withdrawls I tell you. Its crazy how much I've come to depend on this computer. Our local phone company somehow cut our cable wire. (We dont have anything that runs of phone lines) everything we have runs off of cable or our modem. So we had no TV, no phone, and no computer. I was going crazy. The problem was fixed this morning (Thank you comcast). SO I am up and running again. Not too much is going on. Work is work, I'm still hoping to hear from that other job I put in for, so I can quit. Its not just me, 2 other people put in their notices this week too. Well I'm off. Oh before I forget, the picture is of Kayla and Tanner when we went out to dinner with Beck last week. Tanner loves him some Kayla. Let me tell you. She's a doll always playing with him. We missed the actual kiss that happened. Thats my boy!! Kissing all the pretty girls!!!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Somebody stop me....

The laugh that is tanner
Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
I am so the blogging fool today. This is my 4th post. ( Dont get use to it) It probably wont happen again. Anyways not much more has happened today. Today was truly a day for rest. My house is clean for once. I've done 2 loads of laundry and I actually cooked dinner. For those of you who know that doesnt happen often. I think I really wanted to write just to post the picture of Tanner. This picture IS Tanner. I hope that makes sence. Yes I know its of him. But his is his personality shining through. This is the Tanner we know and love and I just wanted to share.

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Just alot of randomness

I'm not even sure where to begin. This post may go in a few differant directions so try to bare with me. So where to start...I guess with Friday. We really didnt do too much. Worked on Tanner's room mostly. We had some neighborhood kids come and ask if they could cut our grass, not something we would normally do, but we said yes. They were only asking 15 dollars, that was front and back, and they even did some weed eating. Seeing that the were young 12-15 we took them drinks and Scott even loaned them our lawn mower so it didnt take them so long, there were like 6 of them. They did a really good job. So instead of 15 we paid them 25. Shoot it saved Scott from having to do it. We were informed Friday, that the county was taking over the trash service out here. You know how they informed us? They just dropped of new cans. No joke. I had to call the number to find out what was going on. I mean we already have a serivce. I was politely told, we would have to get rid of them and use the county, there was no choice in the matter, seeing that it would be added to our property taxes. I'm fine with it actually. I mean the service we have now is sometimey (is that even a word) they are suppose to pick up trash Wed. and Sat. But sometimes we will go a week before they pick it up. I tried to call Friday and tell them to come get the can, and their number has been disconnected. I thought about writing a letter, but I wouldnt know where to send it. They come to our door for the bill. I told Scott I'm just going to wheel the empty container out to the road and hope they take the hint. Now on another subject...Let me just say I LOVE MYSPACE. Yes I have one, but I dont really post on it. But let me tell you how many old friends I have found. People that I never thought I would find again. And yesterday, I actually talked to 2 people that I havent heard from in about 8 years. Brittany was my best friend in middle school, and we kept touch for long time after that. But seeing she lived in Ark. and I lived in NC we kinda drifted apart. And the other one I talked to is a friend from AFCENT, I had 5 very close friends to me there. I still talk to them all but one. I havent been able to locate her, nor had anyone else. Until yesterday. It was just awesome. I got to talk to 2 wonderful people yesterday,and on top of seeing my parents, it made yesterday more wonderful!!! And last but probably not least , I started a new blog. More for me than anything. When I had modblog, I had a page of poems and quotes, so I finally started one here on blogger. You guys are welcome to take a look. Okay thats it I'm going now.
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My parents visit

We had a good time. Tanner had a blast showing all the new things he's learned. PawPaw, had the video camera out and of course my son hammed it up for it. My poor mom was sick, but she still enjoyed being with him. My dad took this picture last night before they went to bed...he was trying to get in bed with them...look at that face. LOL.
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Tanner's Room

Video Hosting - Upload Video - Video Sharing
And we are done!! Yeah. We finally finished the painting. And got his toys in there and tv. And yesterday he spent most of the day in there. Which is what we hoped would happen. He even took a nap in there. So things are going in the right direction so far. We wil have to see.
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Tanner's New haircut

As I said the day before yesterday, we had an extremely busy day. I think we were gone 12 hours. Starting with Tanner's haircut and ending with 2 hours of grocery shopping (yuck) so the fun part of our day. Definatley the hair cut, but the older he gets the harder it is to get him to sit still. So here are some pictures.

Before and after. This is our first attempt at some kind of style. I think it makes him look more grown up. So after the haircut we did lunch. Then I had to go to the dr. For a follow up and they changed my medicine again!! My BP just isnt getting to where it needs to be. And after that, we took his parents to dinner (they left for Tx, today). Then grocery shopped. Ugh. Looking at it now it doesnt seem like we should have been gone for 12 hours, but we were.

**Just an update on Tanner...we have poop!!! He still cries when he goes but I think he's scared its going to hurt. So hopefully he will realize that its okay.

**As you can see Tonya made me another wonderful picture. I'm still working on changing the font colors to match the picture. So bare with me on the pink and navy blue. I'll get it sometime soon.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My first day off...

Boogie woogie Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
So my day started off dancing in the kitchen with Tanner to Dan Zane's house party...which was way too cute and fun. He was such an awesome kid today. (not to say that he's not all the time) but today he just seemed great today. He's learning to pick things up now, and every time he knocked something down he would put it back or if he took it out of the toybox he would put it back. I have never really thought about how much he picks up, but today I said go bring mommy a book, and ran right to his play area and got one a brought it to me. He likes to throw things in the trash...like dirty diapers. When I get done changing him he grabs it and runs to throw it away..its funny. All in all we had a good lazy day. I got a migrain around one so Scott got up with him so I could lay down. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for us. We're taking Toot to get his hair cut, grocery shopping, I have a Dr. appt. and then we're going to dinner with my in laws. (We do that every Thrus). Plus they are leaving for Tx to see Scott's brother Shelby and his family. They will be gone for 2 weeks. Well on a blogging note...I've been playing with a new template, its no where near where I want it. Everytime I think it is something else changes...like today, I had it saved, and then someting happend with blogger or should I say my blogger. Awhile back something happened that made the font extra small, and on some blogs I couldnt read it. So I would have to cut and paste it somewhere else to read it, and it was only happening on blogger no where else on my computer. Well today, all of a sudden the font is HUGE. On my dashboard and all the blogs I couldnt read before. I dont know what the problem is. But when the font got big it messed up placement on my template. SO I still have some tinkering to do. Well I'm off to do a load of laundry and load the dishwasher...woo hoo fun.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just a quickie

Just snoozing
Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
I told you I might get crazy and post again tonight. Anywho...I LOVE THIS PICTURE. I took it on Sunday, he passed out in the "pillow" chair. I couldnt resist. I took another one today, but I probably wont upload until tomorrow. Well I'm off to wait for my dear hubby to get home from work....I can do that since I"M ON VACATION!!!

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Time off...and some pictures

Well everyone say yippiee!! Heather's vacation starts today!!! Yeah buddy. And guess what I'm doing?! NOTHING but spending time with my little man, who by the way is feeling a little better. Scott said he had 2 poops today and he still cried, but you could see the change. (I wont go into detail). So hopefully by tomorrow, things will work better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I took some pictures when I got home from work today, but I couldnt decide which I like best so I put up a few. There are still more I just have to upload them to flickr. In the last picture you can see how bad he needs a hair cut....that will be Thurs when I get paid. And just a quick update on the job front, I typed up my letter of resignation yesterday. So once I hear from the one job, I'm turning it in. I cant wait. Ever since made the decision to quit, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I just wish my blood pressure would show it. I've been taking it at work, and this past week its been borderline to high again. UGH. I have a follow up appt on Thurs. I hope I dont have to change meds, because I like this one. Oh well I'm off for now. Who knows I might get crazy and post again later
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Another bad night...and day

Another funny face.
Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.

Well Tanner had another awful night with having a poop. It got so bad that I thought I was going to have to take him to the ER. I called his peds night nurse and let me say she was no help!! And you would think since they charge to use it, they would have helped more. So I ended up calling the Hostpitals Peds night nurse....let me say WONDERFUL!! She was helpful and concerned. She even told me to take him to the ER if started hurting like that again. So needless to say we were at his peds dr office TODAY!! And his Dr was great. We didnt see his regular dr. But the one we saw was just awesome. (he's the one who took care of Tanner the first week of his life). Tanner didnt cry or get fussy, nothing. So they gave him some powder medicine I have to put in his juice once a day for 2 weeks. He said by Wed, he should be feeling like a new baby. Lets hope so. Because I dont know how much more he or I can take. It breaks my heart everytime he cries because I know he's in pain and I cant do anything to help. SOOOO here's hoping to good poops soon

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tanner and build a bear

Daddy, Tanner , and Baaby Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
So we followed Beck and took Toot to build a bear today. He had a blast. As you can see he didnt get a bear...he got a monkey. When we walked into the store we let him out of the stroller so he could pick for himself and the first thing he ran to was this monkey. So of course you have to build it, and the people there are awesome!!! They were patient with him and took their time. So first you stuff...then make the wish (Scott and I did that), give it a shower...and then get it dressed...( we did that too, it matches pjs Tanner has), then you have to sit at a computer and pick its name. He had a blast and I'm glad we went, we might take him again next year so he'll be a little older. He named his monkey "Baaby" since that seems to be what he calls everything. After build a bear we went and got lunch, where he had his first expiriance with ketchup...tooo cute. Then we came home and he's still passed out poor guy. I will have to wake him up soon, so he will go to bed on time tonight. There you have it, a build a bear day...with some added ketchup for fun.

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I got tagged, so here it is

Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
5 things in my fridge:
1. Milk.
2. Strawberry mix, for the milk
4. Dr. Pepper
5. Mt. Dew....(yeah I know we need to shop)

5 things in my closet:
1. Clothes (scotts and mine...mostly his though)
2. His old fishing box
3. My wedding dress
4. Scotts bowling bag
5. Ummmm...junk that needs to be sorted and thrown away

5 things in my purse:
1. My wallet
2. Pictures
3. Check book
4. Keys
5. A pack of travel wipes

5 things in my car:
1. A car seat
2. CDs
3. Diaper and changing pad (in case of emergency)
4. Trash (it needs to be cleaned out)
5. My vest for work

5 people I tag:
1. Cindy
2. Jaime
3. Cassie
4. Kristi
5. Scott (lets see if he does it)

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

My poor baby...

Hmmm, should I eat it?
Originally uploaded by HeatherScott.
I'm sure this isnt something people want to read about, but you know what...its my blog. Today, Tanner has just been screaming like he's in pain every time he tries to poop. I swear I hurt for him. Then to top it off he couldnt go. He hasnt gone since Wed. We took him to the dr for this after we got home from vacation. But today it was really bad. Then to top it off my husband took the one set of keys that has his truck key on it so I was stuck, I couldnt go anywhere. ( We share my car to save on gas) So I called Beck to see what I should do (thanks) then I had to call my mother in law to see if she could run to walgreens and then come by here. Mind you we live about 15 minutes away and out in the boonies, but she did!! And then she sat with me to make sure everything worked. Which it did, and finally he pooped but he screamed and screamed!!! His doctor does a sunday clinic and I'm thinking about calling because its not getting better. The first time she (his dr.) said because it wasnt often she wasnt going to give him any meds, but its been less than a month and this isnt the first time since its happened. He finally just fell asleep and its almost midnight. My poor baby guy. Okay, so theres my first entry in year about baby poo...

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A whole bunch of nothing

Just like the title says. A whole bunch of nothing. Just thought I would post some pictures of my little man. He loves out big popazon chair. He sits in and plays while were on the computer. Um....I guess thats it. There is more running through my head but I dont feel like putting it down right now. I do know the neighbors need to turn down their "Music" if thats what you call it. Okay I'm off. Because besides the pics this is a pretty useless post.
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Tanner Babbles...

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A reminder to myself

Someone sent me this and I guess it put some things in perspective for me. I know I wake up everyday and thank God for Scott and Tanner, but I sometimes think I take the little things for granted. Waking up and being able to stay in bed and cuddle with the boys. Seeing Tanner run around and explore all day. Looking at things with wonder. Having him crawl up in my lap and just cuddle. Scott looking at me and smiling. I am so blessed that I often wonder do I have any right to complain about things in my life that I think are wrong? I mean lots of people are probably wanting a job right now and I'm complaining and talking about leaving mine. It makes me feel bad....but then I read the second part of that little poster "May you have the courage to spread your wings and fly" and I guess in the end thats what I'm doing. Spreading my wings in hopes of finding another blessing. I never usually get spiritual and talk about being blessed. But for some reason these past two days that I have spent with Tanner have just remined me about what I have. I have this wonderful little boy who loves me like I am the only person on Earth, and I have this wonderful husband who loves me, supports me and accepts me for the way I am. So i think today is my reminder to me....and to you all....know you are blessed even when it doesnt feel like it. Even if you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, KNOW that there is someone out there watching out for you, and there are people who love you...(I'm done being a sap for the day)
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scary day

Walking some more
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So I am at work (which sucks being its a holiday) and I get a phone call, and its Scott. Which normally is a good thing. Until he goes whats the name of the blue pill you take for your allergies....I was like why? He goes because Tanner brought me a pack and one is missing.....heart falls to floor now!!! I'm like oh god call poison control. I'm coming home, we're going to have to take him to the ER get him dressed I'm on my way" I'm panicing and I'm starting to cry because I"m not home. Then my husband says....no he didnt take it, I just wanted to know the name just in case...."Just in case what? You just said he didnt take it!!!???" So I still tell him to call poison control. It turns out she said it wasnt dangerous even if he did take it, just to keep an eye on him.....so by the time Scott calls me back I'm so upset I still leave work. I had to see for myself that he was okay. Not that I think Scott would lie to me. So I get home and there is my big boy waiting at the front door for me "Mommy, Mommy" ( heart melts here) and relief starts to set in. I dont know where he found this pill, neither does Scott...I am good about putting my meds up because I take BP meds. So I dont know if one fell, or what.

But lets recap the past 2 weeks.... my baby falls out of a buggie and gets a black eye and goose egg...and now he found a pill which he could have ( but didnt Thank GOD) taken. I'm thinking I'm working on the worst mother of the year award...

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Look what I came home to today!!

Look!!! Its powder boy!!
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Ohhh weee, look at my powder monster. I walked in the front door when I got off work and here comes Tanner running around with his baby powder. Scott was folding clothes and didnt see him pick it up. Oh my goodness, you should have seen the mess. But he looked like he was having so much fun I couldnt help but smile. Making all the troubles from work just "Poof" disappear. He does that for me often. Needless to say we had a mess to clean up, but not before I could take a couple of pictures.

Just a quick update, I have decided to leave my job. I will let you know more in the next week or so. Scott and I have discussed in great detail, and we both feel it will be better for us in the long run. Especially for my sanity and health. He and his mom bet me that when I leave my blood pressure will be normal...lol. We will see.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Our weekend

Even though its only 5 in the afternoon all the fun is over and done. Tanner got to go swimming yesterday and spend time outside. Today we went to Diamond Lakes park (and look my camera stayed on the whole time). We had a good time. We had to the whole park to ourselves. There was no one else there. Tanner got to play all he wanted. And boy did he want to. He was on the go the whole time. He didnt even want to stop to eat. I tried to get some still shots of him, but it seems impossible now a days. But he has plenty of time to rest later. For now, we just let him explore and be brave. Because he's not scared of anything, which scares me. He climbed the slide by himself, he rode the gravity swing by himself. The only thing we wouldnt let him ride alone was the big slide, and I got a good shot of him and Scott going down here if you want to take a look. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did. And if you're still celebrating, be safe.

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Work in progress

Well as I'm sure you can see I'm working on my blog. I got the wonderful picture at the top from Tonya. She is awesome!!! Everyone should check her out. Well there isnt much going on seeing its only 930, I do have to get Scott up soon. We are going with his parents to the park for a 4th of July picnic, seeing Scott and I both have to work Tues. I'm sure I will have some pictures to post later. Until then...
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its done

Scott finished it last night. I knew he would. Whenever he starts a project, he'll stick to it until its done. Especially if its something he enjoys doing. The picture doesnt really do it justice, my camera didnt want to take a good picture this morning. But it looks wonderful.
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