Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I promised a Tanner post

And here it is. He's been a little terror this weekend. I guess we finally hit the terrible twos. Oh boy. He has been throwing some major temper tantrums. I try to do like his dr said and ignore them, but it got to the point, that everytime I said no he throws one. So he's been spending a lot of time in time out. It makes me feel bad, but I'm standing my ground. I do not want him to be on of those kids everyone talks about. We all know who I'm talking about. The ones who tell their parents no, the ones who scream and kick in the stores...he will not be one of those. So he's been mad at me today. After his nap though he's been a pretty good kid. He's walking around saying football, football...and Kristi taught him to say "Bears Suck" since that's who I decided to go for. She goes for the Colts, I go for the the other team. We dont really like either team, so we just picked. Right now the Colts are winning, by like 2 points. The half time show just got over, and I was really disappointed . It was really boring, and the commercials aren't all that great. The best one was the first one. Oh well they cant be great every year. But its a bit boring to me. But of course this is the only time we watch fooball. And my team hasn't been to the Superbowl since the year before last, and they lost. In other news, some how I failed to mention that my sister has come down for awhile. And we love having her here. Tanner loves having his "Kissy" here. He gets upset if she goes somewhere he cant see her. Its adorable. He's still doing good at school. He loves playing with all 5 of his classmates. Bizkit is still doing good. He' s been getting up and running around. He's still resting alot and eating just a little. But he's getting there. I'm so waiting for next Friday. I'm off, Scott's off, and my parents will be here for my birthday. OH GOD!! I'll be 30. I'm so getting old. Well its time for my little one to get a bath and for to get everything ready tomorrow. School, work, all the good stuff we do.

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