Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Poor Charlie had a rough night. I had to show him how to drink water out of a bowl, and then he threw it up. I think he was handled too much yesterday, with us holding him and Tanner trying to carrying him around...but today he woke up and he was very playful and he drank without getting sick. So hopefully it was a one time thing. He still hasnt eaten. So in a little while we will be going to PetMart to get him some puppy formula, at least until we can teach him how to eat. My mom asked if he had teeth, he does, but I notice his bottom ones arent all the way through yet. Maybe that's why he wont eat.
Tanner loves him, and he loves to play with Tanner. He chases Toot all over the place, and he just giggles. I'm going to try and video tape it. Its adorable. And it must be love, because Tanner gave him a paci. I told him, if he gives it to Charlie, he can't have it back. Maybe this will be a quick way to get him off the paci...even its not, he has like 20 more. LOL!

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