Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, September 22, 2006

Last post for the day

So I haven't really posted about Toot today. Consider how hot it is he's been really good. He was a bit clingy and its hard to tell him it will be cooler if you get down. Scott had to fly to Atlanta today. He got back around 830. We decided to turn the air on long enough to cool the house down and turn it back off when we go to bed. It took it a few hours to freeze up last night so we'll turn it off before then. I've havent posted about school. Sorry. Its going good. Finals are next Wed. I'm kinda nervouse, but not really. I cant believe the first quarter is already up. Time has really flown by. So far I've made A's on all my test. So as long as I get an A on my final I will make the Deans List. Which is awesome. It will make me work harder to stay on it for the rest of the year. Well I'm off, Tanner and Scott are asleep on the couch. Tomorrow we are going to walk around the flea market. We havent been there in a very long time. Its a nice way so spend Saturday. Sunday I plan on locking myself up in the bedroom to study for a few hours so I dont have to cram on Tues. Okay. I'm off. Have a good weekend everyone.

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