Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So its been a few days....

I know, I know. I haven't posted in like 3 days. I am sorry. Its been a busy few days. SO we went to NC Friday. Got to spend some time with my family. Loved it. I always hate leaving. Its hard every time. Tanner had a blast. Nani and Papa spoiled him with stuff from Disney World. We got home Sunday night, my parents gave us some nice furniture. SO we finally have matching furniture. Its wonderful. Scott is on vacation, and I of course went back to school. I got another A on a test. Which I was really suprised about. I had honestly thought I bombed it. Good thing I dont listen to myself too much. Lets see what else is going on. I signed up for PayPerPost. So you will see a lot more blogging for awhile. Just to see if I can actually earn some money doing it. I'm going to try and pick interesting sites so everyone will want to go and check them out. We've really been busy, but there isn't too much to report. So just check out the pics. I have tons to post. I just havent had time to upload all of them yet. The one on the left is off Toot playing with a spray bottle. He sprayed himself and everyone else. And the one on the right is of Tanner and my sister. She claims she doesn't miss him, but as I'm sure you can see from the picture, she's lying. Any who. I'm off for now. We still have a busy week ahead. I have school of course. We're taking Toot to get his pictures made on Thurs. Then I'm going to get my hair cut one day. Scott has to go to Atlanta on Friday for training for his new position. So we will be on the go. But I wont keep ya'll hanging this time. I promise I will find time to post even if I have to do it at school on my hour break. SO until later.

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