Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm going to have to try and type this fast, seeing my little man is being very clingy this morning. He's watching DoodleBops so he'll sit down for a little while. As I say this, I hear the pitter patter of little feet walking down the hall. LOL. Now that he is sitting down, I will try this again. There really hasnt been too much going on. Thurs, I got out of school early. Came home and cleaned a little. Then we went to dinner at my in laws, like we do every Thurs. But this Thurs, all the boys got hair cuts. Even Tanner. His grandma cuts all their hair. I was suprised he let her cut his. Of course he didnt sit still, but it still looks good. He also ran after all the cats taht hang out in their back yard. I think she has like seven kittens back there and he loves to look at them. They were curisouse about him too but of course they didnt get too close. So we stayed there until like 8. Came home and watched UFC and I called a friend who just had a baby. He was 10 weeks early, but he seems fine. Friday, all we did was clean. And yell at punk ass teen agers who feel the need to track through outr front yard in packs. Scott asked them nicely once and one of them said "But its easier to go this way." Scott told him he didnt care, to walk around. We caught them 3 more times trying to be slick and walk through, so he told them if he caught them again, he w as calling the sheriffs department. We'll see how today goes. Last night we went over to Beck's mom and dad's for a get together for her brother. He is being shipped to Iraq soon so they got friends and family together. It was fun. Food was awesome.!!! I havent seen that much food in a long time!! Oh boy, I'm still full. Tanner had a good time. He got to play with dogs, and other kids, and a singing bass fish. (OH GAWD). Watching him play, I realized that he is kind of sheltered. I guess I dont realize it until I see him around other people. He gets so excited. He doesnt know how to react to people. Or animals for that reason. It kinda bummed me out. I dont want him to miss out on anything as a kid. I want him to know how to be social around other kids, and adults. I just hope right now doesnt have any long term affects on his social skills. Well I'm off for now. I have a paper due on Tues, and I have to type it out, and have it proof read so I can re type it again. If I get time I might be on again. Who knows I will probably need a break sometime today.

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