Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well yesterday at like 330 we get a knock on our door. Its someone from the county. I was like oh god what did we do? But it turns out they wanted info on our neighbors. We were like Wow. We've tried calling people to come out here and everything. I'm trying not to give out a whole bunch on here, but lets say we were told to be prepared that alot of things would be going on in a couple days. We were giving a number to call if anything went on with the kids. I was like holy smokes. I told her we had problems with the kids walking through our yard in packs. Sometimes 10 at a time going over to the neighbors. Just as I had finished saying that a kid walked through our yard and the lady was like "Excuse me? Why did you just walk through this yard? Do you think that was very polite? Next walk on the side of the road to the drive way" It took all I had not to laugh, because this kid is like 15 and was like "um...um" she look like she had that deer in the headlight look. Its not a funny situation. But I guess that kind of lighted the mood. We answered her questions, and she asked why we never called DFAX and I told her because we have to live next door to them. And she was like thats why nothing ever happens. So she gave us a number directly to her. So we will see what happends in the next few days. Should be interesting. Happy Birthday Beck!!! Every one run to her site and wish her a happy birthday!! Hope you have a good one girl.!!
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