Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Monday, September 11, 2006

A whole bunch of nothing

I feel as though I should write something meaningful because of what to day is, but I can't. My thoughts are always with the troops and families who were and are affected by that awful day. BUT it has been all over the tv today and it has become a very depressing subject. (as well it should be). As for now, I will say my prayers for those who need them like I always in the privacy of my home. Not too much is going on today. I got another A on my test. I have to do an oral report tomorrow, which I'm nervouse about. I also have to finish my poster that is suppose to accompany it. My child is rotten. He has learned a new little jig and if I can ever catch it on camera I will post it. He has also become quite the funny man these past few days. Thanks to his father. While I am asking Tanner where is mommy's nose he procedes to show me by sticking his finger in my nose. (Yes my husband has taught him to pick someone elses nose..EWWW). Which leads me to believe he also taught him his newest trick. He holds my face in his hands like he is going to give me noseies, and the he licks my noes or cheek whichever he decideds is funniest at the time. Its very cute, and funny but he wants to do it all the time. If I wanted to be licked all the time, the dog would be in the house. So now its my turn. I am so going to teach him to give wet willies. Scott hates them. He cant stand it when you give him one. So watch out baby wet willies are coming your way!!!
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