Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What a long day.....

Too start off I woke up not feeling so good again...I'm thinking PMS. I usually get totally drained right before my period. I had a hard time concentrating in class all day. And I really have to concentrate in 2 of my classes. So after class I go to my first day of work. It was kind of wierd having a first day of work. I mean I was at WalMart for 10 years I haven't had a first day in a long time. But everyone was wonderful. I got to stay in the baby room most of the time. Which was fine by me. I helped out in a couple of the other age groups, but it was mostly babies today. And I missed mine. Boy did I miss mine. I've been home with him for so long it was hard not seeing him all day. It was hard not seeing my "big" baby too, but we've talked on the phone and emailed so its not so bad. So I'm tired, and I still have some homework, (not too much). The wind is blowing, and its thundering and raining, and all I want to do is go curl up in bed. I love this weather, its the best sleeping weather. BUT someone took a really late nap, and I dont see him wanting to go to bed yet. Hopefully by 10. Oh one more thing guess what?! WE GOT AN ELMO! WE GOT AN ELMO!! One of my friends who still works at Walmart came through and bought Tanner one for Christmas. We tried to pay but she said "No, its his Christmas" I asked 3 times, I'm not going to ask again. Well I'm off to do some homework, and hopefully get some good sleep. Oh yes before I forget..THANK YOU TONYA, FOR FIXING MY BLOG!! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU MIR, FOR TRYING TO HELP, YOU GUYS ARE JUST TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS!!! And of course I can't end a post without a picture...so here you go, Tanner is giving Charlie kisses...I'm so glad we got him a puppy. He loves this little guy...

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