Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, August 26, 2006

To be or not to be...pregnant.

So yesterday I couldnt decide if I was going to post about this or not but after some thought what the heck I can delete it I want. So for those of you who know me, probably know I have have problems with my period (not getting them) and high blood pressure. Which both suck. Because 1. I cant take birth control because of high blood pressure. 2. If I do get pregnant and dont know the meds I take for my high blood pressure could hurt a baby. So that being said if I skip a period I take a test. Just to be on the safe side. So yesterday I took a test. The same one I always take. So when I got this result - -. I kinda freaked because 3 years ago that was positive sign. Thats the sign that is still in the one I found out about Tanner. And when I say kinda I mean really freaked out. So I call Scott into the bedroom and I told him and he proceded to REALLY freak. "You're kidding, please tell me you're kidding. I'm gonna throw up" and he looked like he was. I was crying. But for some reason I looked at the box and guess what sometime in the past the year the fools who made the test decided to change the results. Go friggin' figure. So insted of this - -, it is now this - +. Like Fact plus test. So when I realize this I'm like no, no wait, I'm not. And we both breath a sigh of relief, and Scott just starts to laugh. And I guess looking at it today it is kinda funny. But I wasn't laughing, I was really upset. How could we have reacted that way? How could we have not been happy if I was? I was disappointed in us. And I was pretty much bummed all night. I wonder if we really want another baby, because to me that was just a bad reaction. Scott on the other hand said he definately wants another baby, but I just started school and quit my job. Its just bad timing. It wasnt when we planned. Which is true. Our plan is 2008. But I cant help but wonder, if part of me is bummed because I'm not. I dont know. I know its bad timing. But....I dont know. So here is my advice to anyone taking a pregnancy test. Even if you've taken it before, check the instructions because those fools just might have changed something on you and they probably did it just for kicks....
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