Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guess who's going to be on TV

Yep, my little man Tanner. We went to this place called Jumpin Beans. Curtiousy of his grandma. Her preschool was invited to go and she was told she could bring Tanner, and us. So when we got there we found out they were filming a commercial. Which was totally cool. This place is awesome. These things are massive. You can see Scott standing in the front of it. He looks extemely small. Tanner had a blast. He loved to be around other kids. He got so excited. Everytime they got out of one thing, he got out and followed. He and Scott had a good time. Daddy had to get in some of the time. But he loved it. They have more than the inflatables there. They have basketball, and air hockey. All of which Tanner got to do. Thanks to Scott and one of the other dads who got into everything with his son. So he took turns. If he did it with his son he did it with Tanner. It was very nice of him. So my little man is going to be on tv. ON top of it, it was a nice treat for his "20 Month" birthday. We're thinking about having his birthday there this year. He had so much fun I think the money will be worth it. We wil have to see. Well just one more picture before I close. Hopefully all these turn out. (they never end up where I put them.)
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