Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A bittersweet day

Hey...why'd it get dark?
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Indeed. And I'm sure tomorrow will be worse. I was saying good bye to some people who are off tomorrow, and it kind of hit me. Hey as of Friday you wont be working with these people anymore. I've been working with the same people for almost 4 years. I've seen most of them everyday. And thats all going to stop. I know I will stop and visit. But its not the same. Today I had someone tell me that I was the one person who touched her at our job. She made me cry by saying I was the only person that made her feel good coming to work. That I was a good teacher and friend...I always try to be a good friend, but I've never felt like I teach much of anything. I just kind of pass along what's been passed on to me. She then continued to say I was the only one who took the time to listen and try to understand her...(she is spanish and doesnt speak english all that great). It made me feel good to have made her feel important. But then it made me sad that she felt no one else would take the time to help her learn. I'm planning to have someone help me translate a thank you card to her, because I learned a lot from her too. Including a few spanish words, which I could never get right. (lol). But I guess thats what life is about. Everyone impacts your life in one way or another, and I guess the same goes for you. Weather you know it or not, we impact the lives of those around us. I am honored to know that I have done that for at least one person....

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