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Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Book MeMe

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I got this from Mir's site (Georgia Benders) I would link but everytime I try it throws everything out of wack.
I think I MeMe for books is awesome!!!

1. Book that changed your life: "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." by Judy Blume!! Who didnt love Judy Blume when they were younger

2. Book that you've read more than once: "Harry Potter" series and pretty much everything by Jodi Picoultt. Actually, if it's on my bookshelf, I've read it more than once. If it's in a box in the back of the house, it wasn't worth reading more than once. (I'm like you Mir with this answer)

3. Book you'd want on a desert island: "My Sister's Keeper"
But this is a very hard question...just one book?

4. Book that made you laugh: "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCartney (I think I spelled her name wrong)

5. Book that made you cry: "My Sister's Keeper." .

6. Book that you wish had been written: I'll have to get back to you on this one

7. Book you don't enjoy: I dont like sci fi (again something we have in common) or sappy love stories, where you can guess the plot and know how its going to end 3 pages into the book

8. Book you are currently reading: " Harvesting the Heart" by Jodi Picoultt

9. Book you've been meaning to read: So many books I want to read. I am really behinde on my Ann Rule books I'm a huge fan of true crime....and I'm a bit wierd but I've always wanted to read "Helter Skelter".

10 Book you remember as a real page-turner: "Green River Running Red" the book about the Green River killer. I finished it in like 2 days..

11. Non-fiction book that you enjoyed: Again any of my true crimes by Ann Rule.

12. Children's books your family has loved: "I love you Through and Through" and "Oh the Places you Will Go."

And my own personal BONUS ROUND! Book I am most looking forward to: "Schuyler's Monster"!!!! Congratulations, Rob! (Me too!! Me too!!!)

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