Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Pudding Faced Boy

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Let me tell you what my child did last night. I had just given him a bath, put him some pjs, and went into the kitchen to fix his nightly glass of milk. I heard him follow me in there, I didn't think anything of it. He usually walks around the table and shuts the refrigerator door. Well I look up to see him grab his kid cuisine out of the trash. (Since he is such a picky eater, we've come to find he loves those kids cuisines. But they all tend to come with some kind of sweet. We give him the fruit and fruit snacks, but we always through out the pudding. I think he's mildly allergic to it) that being said the meal last night had pudding. Can we say mommy was mad. It took him literally 4 seconds to get covered in chocolate pudding. Did I mention I had just given him a bath!! OOOOHHHHH!! So I say "Tanner NO!" which he hates to hear and he proceeds to throw a fit (hence the tears). Before I cleaned him up I of course had to take some pictures. I mean come on, who could resist. But he did not like that. I couldn't get one smile out of him for nothing. (He was still upset I told him no). So I take him back to the bathroom and hose him off real quick, and get him all clean again, and ready for bed. My little chocolate monster was out in like 5 minutes. I kept expecting him wake up with an upset stomach, because the pudding was chocolate. (If he eats chocolate, he usually gets a really bad diaper followed by some pretty bad diaper rash, which is why I think he's a little allergic). Hopefully he'll grow out of it. But then again I don't really eat chocolate all that much so he wont really be missing out on it. Well I didn't get a dirty diaper last night but let me tell you, while I was in the shower this morning, (he plays on the floor in the bathroom) I smelled something rank. Oh yeah, can we say WORST DIAPER EVER!!! The kind where you clothes pin your nose and run it to the trash can praying no one else can smell it. Ewww. So no more chocolate for this one.
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