Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today in the sun, and a little about yesterday

His little pale butt needed a hat
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Well after my dr. appt yesterday, we had some friends over for a BBQ. We had a good time. The kids swam and played in our back yard (that now has grass you can see). Tanner loved being around kids. Scott's childhood friend Ryan and his wife are down from WV and so we've spent some time with them on Thurs and last night. It was nice. Its hard teaching Tanner to share though, because the kids were all around the same age. We constantly after them, to share. Today we woke up and took Toot outside so he could play in his pool all by himself. He loved it. It was really hot today so he couldnt stay out long. But I sat out and got some sun, Scott worked on the yard, and cooked lunch on the grill. It was nice. I'm going to try to take Tanner out to play everday, just so I can get off my butt and he can get the fresh air.

Oh I wanted to put a little neighbor update on here. They are still working on their stuff. We havent said anything else because they are working on it. While we were putting the pool up yesterday all the kids were standing next to the fence saying "Man they got a pool" "I want to swim", but then the little one said " I want to live over there." Talk about heart breaking. It makes me feel bad. Then right after I told Scott to get a lock for the gate. Man what kind of person does that make me? And its only because I'm afraid that they might get back there and get hurt. I mean the pool doesnt hold much water, but they say kids can drowned in 2 inches. SO I feel like a bad heartless human today. But I'll get over it, and that makes me sound worse.

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