Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Our trip to NC

Well we're home. Everything went good. I'm glad we got to visit our family. I got to see my grandma and uncle. Then knowing that my dad is okay was wonderful. Tanner had a blast. He loved being around my parents. My mom is trying to decided on what he should call her. I think we've gone through every name for grandma there is. I think we settled on Nanny or Nani. We'll see what he picks up. While we were there he got interested in this Yes a bike. Granted its a bit big for him, but he sure was excited to get on it. He knew where to put his feet and everything. So what did I do? I went a bought him a little tricycle. Its adorable. Its small enough for him to ride now and maybe get use to before he gets this one for christmas. Lets see what else he did...He mastered walking up and down stairs this weekend. We dont have stairs at our house, but he learned what do real quick and once he got it he didnt want anyone else's help He also discoverd they are good to sleep on. He got to play with my moms 3 dogs. That was interesting. They arent around kids that often, just him and then he was scared of them for a little while. Plus my mom's house is full of animals...her 3 dogs, my sisters cat, and when my uncle comes over his dog, that looks like a rat: I dont know whats up with picture of the dogs. But it keeps getting worse everytime I try to repost it. Well I'm off for now. I need to wash Toot up and get him in his pjs. So until later.
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