Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tanner and general ranting

Well I will start off with my little man. Yesterday he had an appointment with the surgeon who did his surgery in Dec. because we noticed he wasnt peeing right. Well it turns out that the hole he pees out of has closed up a good bit. Causing some problems. They did and ultrasound on his bladder and said it is half full. He needs surgery. We were like okay. Then they said Friday. I was like huh? Next Friday? But no its tomorrow. He also threw in if his bladder had been more than half full then he would've had surgery last night. So tomorrow at 9am my little man has to go in again. I am nervous. We have a wonderful doctor. But just knowing that they have to put him to sleep causes much anxiety.

So as for the general ranting. I've been working on my blog again. I decided simple was better. I've previewed it. I started a new blog just for me to try new templates on...but when it shows up it just doesnt look like it did. Same with my Thursday Thirteen post. It gets all jumbled up when it shows, but on my test blog it looks perfect. I dont know. I guess I will try somemore later. But for now. I have to try and wake up my little man and see if I can get him to eat something. Because after midnight he cant have anything but clear liquids. So I'm off. Dont worry I will post tomorrow. Later ya'll

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