Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I guess its time for an update...

Where should I start? Its been a busy, busy week. First of all let me say thanks to Tif, for pointing out that Zoot had some free layouts for us broke people (LOL). I originally tried this one which I loved, but I couldnt get my side bar where it belonged. It wanted to stay at the bottom so I picked another of her awesome layouts. I guess next, I will update on my little monster. He had a dr. appt with his pediatrician yesterday for another finger prick. And guess what? His counts went up!! He's in the low rang of normal, but he is normal. So his anemia is getting better. She said to continue with the iron drops for another month and we will see then if he can come off of them or not. And finally work........Inventory is over!! Yippieee!!! Now I get a three day break which I so needed. I worked almost 60 hours this week and thats with 2 days off. But I guess it was worth it. We passed which is always a good thing. My area that I'm over improved which is good. So now I'm going to relax and play with my son and actually have real conversation with my husband that doesnt sound like "Hi baby, love you. Good nite." Anyways, I'm off. I will post more tomorrow or I guess technically later today since I fell asleep with the baby for 6 hours. Wow!! I didnt realize I was so tired....later.
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