Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, April 28, 2006

Tanner's Surgery

Well we're home. Finally. We've been on the go since 730 this morning. First of all Tanner is fine. Great in fact. The surgery went well and the dr is hopeful it worked this time. (Keep your fingers crossed). Its always hard to take Tanner to the dr. he's old enough to know something is going on. Even after they gave him the "loopy juice" which is what I call the drug they give them to calm down. He still kinda fought sleep. But he did let the nurse take him. The hardest part for me is when they come get us after its done and to listen to what they say. I just want to see my baby. Tell me what happened later. Then when we see him, he has all these wires on him and he's crying. They sit us down and let me hold him. I never want to put him down. So after we're sitting with him they tell us he had a harder time waking up from the anethisia this time. Then the head anethisialogist came to talk to us and told us they put a tube in his throat during surgery, and when they removed it he stopped breathing...at this point I stop breathing. Hello, he's fine now why do you have to tell me this?! I didnt hear anything else after that. All that matters is he is fine and he is almost back to his old self. He has a catherder in until Monday. He has a beautiful bruise on his hand from where he yanked out the iv because he was mad. Well I'm off. He should be waking up soon, the pain meds knock him out for a little while.
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