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Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Phone warning

General Rambling: phone warning Comments: 0 Date: 10/1/05 at 2:34PM (1M2d ago) So my in laws got this email warning them about people calling your house and claiming to be an AT &T operator. They say they are doing some kinda check and ask you to push some numbers. First 9 then 0 and finally #. Of course now that you've done this you have just given him acess to your phone. Now he can charge all sorts of long distnace calls and so forth. The email said that alot of inmates use this to call people. So BEWARE. If someone calls and asks you to push some numbers for them be Careful. Anyways I'm not sure if its true but better to be safe than stuck with an outrageouse phone bill. Later ya'll
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