Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Blog Viewer Me & Scott: Paranoid Comments: 3 Well I 'm going to work 3rd shift for the next few days. 1am-9am. That way I can spend some time with Scott and Tanner wont have to go to the sitters. I dont know whats wrong with me...but I feel I have to do something to spend time with Scott. I dont know. Its probably my imagination, but I dot feel like we're talking all that much anymore and that worries me. I know he loves me and he doesnt have to say it, but there is still something nagging me. I'm not going to go in to it on here. ACK!! Like I said its just me being dumb. I just dont know how to shake the bad feeling I've got. Anyways I'm off to put little man to sleep. He's been so wonderful today....everyday. He is such a special little guy. Guess what?! We have a tooth. Yippee!! IT cut through today. Its just barely out of the gum, but its there. Actually I think its two. Its kinda hard to tell right now. Well I'm off. Until next time....
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