Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Its been awhile

Blog Viewer My baby boy: Its been awhile Comments: 0 Well one of my friends asked if I was okay because I havent really posted in a few days, and I know I normally post everyday, sometimes twice. Well I am fine (thanks for asking Tiff) There really hasnt been a lot of excitment going on. I've been working and I'm just getting back to a normal schedule. Of course I am still being tested at work, seeing how far I can go before I complain. Scott just had another class to take for work and he did great. Which he alwasy does. He always worries though. Not me, I know he'll do great. I dont know if anyone heard but Delta claimed bankruptcy last week. I was worried that it would effect us, but it doenst. Which is a big relief, because I know Scott would be crushed if he had to go back to work with me....other than that. Tanner my little man is trying and trying to walk. Poor guy. He's got guts, he just doesnt have balance yet. He'll let go and try to step towards you without thinking, but he falls everytime. LOL. They are taking bets within the family when he'll be walking. I said closer to Turkey day, the earliest guess is Halloween. Anyone else want to join. Well let me go. UFC is coming on, and there is something wrong with the VCR and I cant record it for Scott. So I have to watch it, not that I mind. I love it. I think we'll invest in a DVR once my car is paid off. Oh yeah here are some pics of my little "Batman" I bought these pjs yesterday, I couldnt resist. As you can see they even come wtih a removeable cape. Well until next time ya'll.
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