Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Opinions are like @*$holes, everyone has got one. Comments: 3 I'm only going to put this on my blog once. The last time I checked. The thoughts on here were my opinions and you choose to read them. Please do not preach to me about something I said. Because it is my OPINON. Just in case anyone wants to know...I seemed to hit a nerve with someone with my gas prices entry. And he or she felt it was nessesary to "educate" me on hurricane Katrina. He left this long comment which I have deleted. He let me know that Katrina is the cause of the gas prices and that we are doing good things over in Iraq. But let me state my opinion again...my OPINION that for all the good we do over there, things here are not good. And its my opinion that we need to start taking care of the USA. YES that means the victims of the hurricane. It means everyone. So if you read my blog thank you, but do not attempt to leave me some comment you feel I need to know. I watch the news. To all my friends who read this I'm sorry. It just really ticked me off. I dont write on this for people to say stuff like that. I wish now I would have left the comment for you to read. Oh yeah...I didnt mean to delete the comment from "MYTWINS". Sorry.Just a update...I didnt get the position I applied for. Which is fine. I will just finish my clasese and look for a new job at the start of next year. Again I am sorry for the long rant. I hope everyone had a good day. Later.
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