Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Out all day

Family & Friends: Out all day Comments: 0 Well our day started at 10 this morning, Tanner and me. We met my friend Mary and her twin girls at walmart and then we went shopping. Yippee. First we hit Babies R Us. I just got his bath stuff there. Because for some reason we dont carry the Grins and Giggles by Gerber. I was very proud of myself. Then we headed out to the mall. Where we got lunch and walked around. I went to Walden book and bought myself 2 books and Tanner one Blue's Clues book. Then we went grocery shopping. We had a good time. Tanner loved being with other babies. He held Faiths hand everytime he could get close to her. And if he couldnt see them he got mad,lol. Already a flirt.Next time we'll have to do it at our house or her house so they can play.By the time we made it grocery shopping all 3 of them were sleep. Well let me go. Who knew running around with 3 babies would be so tiring? Fun but tiring. later.
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