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Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, September 24, 2005

No school?

General Rambling: No school....for a gas day?? Comments: 0 Date: 9/24/05 at 10:49PM (1M1w ago) Modified: 9/24/05 at 10:50PM (1M1w ago) I saw this on the front page of the paper and about fell out....No school Monday and Tuseday for all Georgia schools. (If I knew how I would link ya'll to it) So our govornor has asked that all counties cancel school for at least two days to save gas. I havent really seen it, but they are saying gas priced might go as high as five bucks a gallon. They've gone up here about 35 cents in two days. No where near as bad as when hurricane Katrina hit. Then it jumped almost $1 in a day. And there hasnt been too much panic...yet. I'm sure us Georgia folk will start to panic if it goes up too much more. I guess thats what the govonor is preparinng for. I cant knock the man. Because when prices went above 3 dollars a gallon last time he stepped up and took the state tax off of gas. Prices dropped like crazy. The lowest I've seen it, until hurricane Rita was $2.33 a gallon. Anyways, this isnt a bitch entry, I just found it kinda funny...a gas day. That will be something to remember. Later ya'll
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