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Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Picture day

My baby boy: Picture day...9 months Comments: 5 Date: 9/22/05 at 11:05PM (1M1w ago) Well as you can see...today was picture day. Tanner is 9 months old today. We had a great day. It started off a little rough but, in the end it was okay. I made the appt for his pictures like 2 weeks ago. I always request the same lady, Robin. She is just awesome with him. Anyways our appt was for 900am. We get there and guess what? There in no one there. 915, 930 no one. I was a little mad. So finally an 935 some girl shows up. We were first but now there are 2 other familes and one of them is bitchng, of course. I can see the lady is already stressed and so I asked if she was the only one there and she was like "Yes, I am so sorry" I felt kinda bad for her. So I explained to her that we had an appt with Robin and the manager had told us she would be schedlued for this morning. And she's looking at the book, and the lady behinde us is like " you're the only one here...I swear thats an inconviance (sp) to us. I've planned my kids schedule around this." So poor girl behinde the counter was getting more upset, I felt like turning around and telling the woman to shut up she had only been there like 5 min anyways. So finally she tells me Robin wasnt scheduled to 100. So I asked Scott if we could just come back at 100, because the girl was stressed and I didnt want her to rush and not take good pictures. So I just told her we'd come back , and she was like "Thank you, I'll leave a note so you're the first one she takes." So we go eat lunch, walk around the mall, and go back at 100. Needless to say we were the first ones and I dont regret waiting because Robin took some awesome pics. These are only some of them, I left the paper with the site at Scotts mom's so I will have that tomorrow.Just a quick note, I'm sure you see that my blog has changed. But for some reason all my visitors info was staying open so I took off the chatterbox and recent visitors. So if you want to tell me something you'll have to leave a comment. Thanks. Until later ya'll.
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