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Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dr .Appt

My baby boy: Dr. Appt Comments: 2 Date: 9/27/05 at 10:25PM (1M5d ago) Well Tanner had his 9 month well baby visit. All is good. He weighs 20lbs 10 oz, he's not gained any weight since August, but she said that was normal because he is always on the go. He is 27 3/4 in long, a little slow on growing taller BUT she said he had a huge growth spurt last visit so hes probably just leveling out. He didnt have to get any shots today. Which is great since he didnt feel good to begin with. Poor baby. They laid him on the scale and he screamed laid him on the table and he screamed, anyone who knows my young un knows he doesnt normally act like that. He's been asleep since 730 which is early but he needs some rest. I gave him some medicine she told me to get so hopefully it will work. In case anyone is wondering who "she " is. Dr.Drake is our Dr. she's awesome. She's expecting a baby too. I am not drinking any more of the water from here I swear. I did once and look what we got! LOL. I love being a mommy I'm just not ready for another one just yet.Just an update on the kittens name, we found one Koa (Koo wah) its Hawaiin and it mean brave and courages one. So its perfect for her and still easy enough for Tanner to say. Well I'm gone for the night. Later ya'll.One more thing Just watned to congradulate Beck on the news...yay and little boy!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!
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