Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, March 03, 2007

When do you step in?

So those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that we've had issues with our neighbors. From septic tanks on our property to kidnapping their dogs and putting them in better homes. Well the lady has since booted out the boyfriend and is trying to get things straight. But guess what? The boyfriend? Yeah he's CRAZY! I mean really. He sneaks over there while she's gone. He trashes her house and yard. He's busted her water pipe, which we fixed for her. And today...we went grocery shopping and I come back to find a lot of glass busted in the street in front of our houses. I'm not talking one or two bottles, I'm talking mirrors or windows. So Kristi and I try to sweep it out of the road because I really dont want anyone messing up their cars, especially us...but I notice there is a whole bunch of stuff in her front yard that wasnt there before. So I go look and its some clothes and pieces of her house. He literally ripped off her siding. Then some of the neighborhood kids come over and say that he came over and showed out, but "He didnt hit her today" because one of their brothers was there. Then they contined that he was crazy and he had a gun...I about shit my pants. HELLO!! This is next door to me. I talk to her kids alomost everyday. And we know when the creep shows up because his truck is so load it shakes our walls. SO what do I do? Will it do any good to call the cops? And if I call the cops, whats to stop him from going nuts on us? I mean hello...gun? I'm not jumping at any sound I hear. I feel bad for her, then part of me wants to shake her and say look do something, you have kids. RUN! HIDE!! CALL THE COPS! But how do you tell someone that? I just dont know. ***Just an update, I ended up calling the cops last night but all they did was a drive by. So I'm not sure what happened. Her boyfriend called back around 1130, so I called and asked the cops to check on her because I knew he wasnt suppose to be there.


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