Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I promised, so here we go

I promised a week in review so here it is. Monday was uneventful, nothing even remotely interesting to report. Tuesday, Tanner had a follow up check up for his ears. Everything has cleared up and looks good. His doc said that there was a little bit of clear fluid in it still but it was nothing to worry about. On Wed. Tanner had an appoint with his urologist for his yearly check after his surgery from last year, everything looks good. He has to go back in 15 months for a stream test? They have to watch him pee in a funnel. I'm not sure why, I wasn't there, Scott and Kristi took him. Wed. is also the day evil entered our house. Tanner threw up twice, and had diarrhea. It was short lived so we weren't too worried. Thurs, was uneventful I had 2 test and that's it. Friday, ahh good ol' Friday. It was a very busy day for us. I took the day off because my parents were coming for my birthday. Kristi got up and went with me to take Tanner to school. I had to go the library, and to Walmart. Early into our errands, Kris said she didn't feel good, she felt like she had to throw up. But she was good, she kept trucking , we had to go to the police station to get an accident report for my parents and we went home. Kristi was still feeling bad. About 6 in the evening, she started throwing up, and for the next 9 hours at least. I was getting up every 2 hours to check on her, Sat. she looked so bad. Her cheeks has sunk in and she wasn't throwing up but she was having other issues. My mom and I wanted to take her the ER, but she didn't want to. I guess by 2 yesterday afternoon, she was finally able to keep some chicken broth and crackers down. Needless to say she didn't go out with us to dinner. Well as soon as we got to Sticky Fingers, I started to feel sick. But I was determined to stick it out, I had heard how good the food was and it was my birthday I refused to be sick. So dinner was awesome, but we had to go to Walmart to get some Sprite for Kris, well by the time we got there my stomach didn't care if it was my birthday or not. Great. So we hurried and got home, Kristi was asleep and I was in the bathroom. Ugh. So after awhile we're all sitting in the living room watching Trick my Truck, and Tanner proceeds to throw up. Great. Good news he only did it once, I've been in the bathroom more than I like to admit, but I'm nowhere near as sick as poor Kristi, I'm just tired. Kristi is still sleeping and Tanner wants his"Kissy" but I'm keeping him away so she can sleep. Right now he and I are watching Noogin. He's been into that all of a sudden. He's very clingy and want to watch Deigo and Wonder Pets. Which is cool, that way I can rest and he's content sitting in my lap. Hopefully this evil stomach bug is leaving our house. Being sick really sucks ass!!!!
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