Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The birthday party post...and its a long one

Man, yesterday was a long wonderful day. The day was beautiful. It was like 75 degrees outside, so the kids got to outside and play while Scott cooked on the grill....Make sure to pay attention to Tanner's outfits, since I ended up having to throw him in the shower half way through the party. So after everyone played outside, and some of them turned blue...everyone came in to eat hotdogs and chips. And while everyone ate and talked the entertainment put on the cutest little show, that kept everyone smiling... This is Beck's little one Christopher and he was passed to every female at the party. He is a doll. So after food, came the presents, and boy was there a lot of them!! This is just the presents from the grandparents, Aunt Kristi, and us...and guess who ended up opening them all? Me, he wanted to play with everything as soon as he saw it. This is the magna doodle that Beck and her kids got him, he loves and has played with it most of the day. And this is the Zebra that my sister got him, and he loves the way it spins around, it looks like he's riding a mechanical bull when he gets on it. And then of course there was cake and ice cream!! Yum!!! This is the ice cream cake, that we still haven't cut yet, and below is the one that is now gone And of course this post wouldnt be complete if there weren't some messy face pictures...this first one he did all by himself...Then he decided to eat it like a big boy...but he still made a mess, I am so glad he did it all by himself, and we didnt have to push his face in it!And then after everyone went home, Tanner decided to party some more all by himself, and this is why all the cake is gone And so we made it though the birthday party with minimal stress, we did have a few mishaps before the party, like a bouquet of balloons getting sucked into our ceiling fan, but all it all I thought it turned out great. Tanner had a blast as did I. But I am glad birthday parties only come once a year. LOL. These are only some of the pics, I think at last count the counter said 408...you can CLICK HERE to see somemore, I think I really on edited 50 so far, but they are up on flickr, so click away and enjoy.


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