Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, December 09, 2006

No pictures today

Its been a couple of days since I posted sorry. After posting everyday for over a month I felt out of routine. Well I was hoping to get on here and say "Hey I'm better woo who!" Yeah right. I woke up Thrusday and I felt great. I had energy and I slept through the night. Yesteday, I felt good, but while I was at work my face started to hurt, and by the end of the day I couldnt breath. So now this crap has moved from my chest into my head...so I'm not coughing anymore I'm just a huge snot factory and I look like Rudolph the red noes reindeer!! And what sucks the most is all the stuff we've got to get done this weekend. Finish putting up Christmas lights, shampoo the carpets, paint the bathroom, clean out Tanner's room, and I have got to get my Christmas cards ready for Monday...just to name a few. Next weekend is Tanner's bday party and I dont want to have to rush around the morning of trying to clean everything. SO....needless to day our weekend will be a very busy one. Oh I do have some good news...we offically started potty training yesterday. Hopefully he wont be so stubborn, it took us awhile to convience him that it wasnt time out....okay well if I get some time to myself later I may be back, if not...I'll try not to stay away too long.


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