Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some detective work...

I titled my post Some detective work, and posted a cute picture of my kid. Yeah doesn't quite match. But it has nothing to do with my young'un being cute. I just wanted to post the picture. BUT it does have to do with my car. So on Tuseday I pull in the yard after school and right before I turn off my car the check engine light comes on...(my car is only 6 months old.) So I'm like its a fluke. Well it came on again while we were trick or treating. SO I asked Scott to call OnStar to run a diagnostic on my care. He was suppose to do that yesterday. Well yesterday on the way to school my car starts to beep at me and it says check gas cap. SO I pull over into a bank parking lot and check and its completely off. Now we have an awesome cap, and we hadn't put gas in it since Saturday. So if it had been off that long it would have beeped earlier. So anyway I figure that's why the check engine light was on, it use to do that in my old car. So on the way to school today guess what? My car starts beeping at me to check my gas cap. The one I know was on right. So when I get to school, guess what?! Its all the way off again. So now I'm t thinking someone from around here is playing games, and its pissing me off. Scott's first thought was they put sugar in my tank, but my car is running fine. So we ruled that out. Now we think someone may be taking my gas. So I filled up today, and Scott drove it to work to see if it comes loose. Then when he gets home we're going to dust the cap with flour (a little CSI) my sister gave us the idea, so we can at least see if that's what's happening. If no one touches it and it comes off tomorrow, I guess we'll have to make a trip to Saturn. Thank goodness for warranties. On a side note, my awesome husband did the laundry today and had the living room cleaned when I got home so I didn't have to do it. He is such a doll.

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