Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The floor, the kid, and a pumpkin

Okay after I promised pictures a few days ago here it is, our new bathroom floor. Isn't it pretty. Scott finished it Friday. We put off painting until next week. I'm so glad we got this done. I swear it feel great to walk in there and not have to worry about falling through the floor. Sounds funny yes I know but its true. The floor was awful. Well my parents came down this weekend. Which is great like always. We went to the mall and out to eat. I offically started my Christmas shopping. I bought my first present. Wooo Whoooo!! ONLY 100 more to go. After shopping we went to dinner at Logan's SteakHouse. We had a good time. While we were at the mall they were having a birthday party at build a bear (can you imagin what that cost) and the big build a bear was there so Tanner got his picture made with it....kinda He wasnt too sure about him. I dont know why. He's not normally stand offish around things like this, but he was extra clingy yesterday. I think he knew Auntil Kristi was going home. He misses her when she's gone. He just doesnt quite understand yet that she only comes down to visit. We didnt really do too much of anything else. We had a pretty laid back weekend. We did rent some movies.....Monster House, Click, and An American Haunting...all three really good. I'm going to have to buy Click and An American Haunting. I love scary movies. Today mom, dad, and Kris left way before we woke up. They never want to wake us up so we dont get to say good bye, so I got up and cleaned, washed clothes, and talked to Beck for a little while. I finally woke Scott up and he carved out pumpkin we got at the pumpkin patch. We waited awhile because last year it rotted so fast it barely made it to Halloween. Scott loves to carve pumpkins. Halloween is his favorite "holiday" if you can call it that. He did an awesome job if I say so myself. Tanner kept trying to sit down with him and help him carve. He didn't understand that he couldnt help daddy. My little monster has been a awesome today. He has played, took a long nap and now he's watching his Disney Channel. After I finish this I'm going to sit down and color with him. We've realized we have to kind of control his crayon use. He gets one, and when he gives it back he can have another one...if we dont all the crayons go missing...I bought him another box yesterday. That make box 4. After this I give up. When we decided to move I see us finding 100s of crayons hidden in one spot. Or if we dont find them whoever buys our house will. Okay I'm off. Its almost dinner time and I'm going to spend some time with my little artist before I start studying again. Mid terms are coming up quick. Check back later, who knows I may post again...

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