Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Monday, October 23, 2006

22 months old...a day late.

We are another month closer to the big "2"! Oh my goodness. It seems time is just flying by. And it seems like he aged more than a month. If that makes any kind of sence? This past month we have had a vocabulary surge. I mean out of nowhere he is saying alsorts of things. He knows that cows "Moo" and birds "tweet". He can also say Nose, eyes, and mouth. I know this because I heard him point to them on his pumpkin and say it. (That little terd. I try so hard to get him to say it to me...and he says it to a pumpkin)
He loves to color. All the time. I have an artistic child. He loves to color on everything, especially himself. He knows what Mya is...he wont say her name but if he sees her he say "Kitty, kitty, kitty." He mimicks everything. I was snapping my fingers to a song and looked up and saw him trying to do it too. He loves to dance and sing. Of course he has not kind of rythm but he sure tries poor guy. There is this stupied song out called "Chicken Noodle Soup" and there is a little dance to it. Well my sister thought it would be funny to teach it to Tanner. SO know he walks around doing "let it rain, and wipe it out" if I could describe it for you I would....I will try to catch it on video. Its an annoying song, but he's too cute trying to do the dance. He's doing so much now it's hard for me to think. His favorite word is still "Mama" but he says it like a big boy now. He is such a joy to have around. He makes my days so much more bright. He wakes up in a good mood and he's ready to get up and dance. (as is our morning ritual. Clean butt, milk, and then dance...he wont eat until we dance). Its every morning. When everyone is asleep.
Which is exactly how I like it. (Sighs). I cant believe in 2 short months my baby is going to be a little man. While I'm excited about all the new stuff we can do together, and all the new things he will learn. I'm kinda depressed, because I know the days of "Awwww Moooom!" when I give him a hug or a kiss are coming soon. Sooner than I want. I want to enjoy this age just a bit longer. Where is kind of independant but still loves to cuddle with and gives me kisses. I feel like parents somehow get the short end of the stick during these first few years. Dont you agree?

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