Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Halloween Post

Here we are, the ghostbuster, Spiderman, and The Black cat. Notice Tanner has on a mask....it was the only picture we got. Here is my hubby the GhostBuster...he one first prize at work for the costume contest.This is the first house we stopped at. He was not too sure what to do, and he was tired, so he just sat down and waited for them to put the candy in the bag. It took him awhile to figure it out. I think this is my favorite picture of the night. He was ready to go by now, he was following the big kids and telling everyone "Bye! Bye!" This was our last house of the night, and he decided he wanted to knock on this one...of course we rang the bell... This is one of Austin, Kayla, Dalton (notice the bandage) and Tanner. He had a good ol' time with these 3. All in all, Halloween was great. The weather was awesome and once Tanner got into the swing of things, he was on the go. We were bummed that Scott had to work. Maybe next year. Since he is already think of our costumes....hope everyone had a great time.

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