Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Thought I would post this picture...we thought it was so cute. That dogs name is Scrappy and he is Tanner's protector, all five pounds of him. Ever since Tanner was born, Scrap made sure no one got near Tanner. Now that Tanner is older and likes to "pet" the puppies Scrappy just protects him when he's asleep. If Tanner's awake, he's far enough away that Tanner can't get him but close enough to keep an eye on him. The first time we saw Scrappy protect Tanner he was maybe a week old. Scott was in the bedroom playing the xbox and he had Tanner in his little bouncy seat next to him (my mom stayed with us for 10 days after Tanner was born, and so did the dogs) any ways, a friend of Scott's came over to see Tanner so he went into the room, and Scrappy jumped in front of him and started growling. The closer he got to Tanner the louder he got. We thought it was too cute...and now 2 years later he still protects my little man. I can only hope that Charlie grows up to be like that too. Not only Tanner's best friend, but a protector as well.

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