Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Its almost here...he's 23 months old.....

One more month...thats all I have, and my baby is 2!! I cant believe it. I swear it seems like I just posted about him being 22 months old. Its just flown by. And he has learned so much in the past month...his vocabulary has really taken off. Besides saying "What?" when I call, he can now say "Your Welcome." When he wants something to eat he says "Please some?" and points. He starting to say "Please one" I cant complain that he's not polite. He can say thank you. He's just gotten so big so quick. We decided today to put him in daycare come Jan. Just 3 days a week, just do he'll get some interaction with children. He wont go to the one I work at, I'm going to put him in the one my mother in law works at, its a little cheaper, and she can work with him, where as if he comes to the one I'm at, I'll have to go to another room. SOOOO....well thats it, I'm just a little sad that his birthday is creeping up on us so fast. I mean I bet if I blink 3 times it will be here...so now I'm going to get toothpicks to hold my eyes open so I dont miss anything.

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