Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tanner's New haircut

As I said the day before yesterday, we had an extremely busy day. I think we were gone 12 hours. Starting with Tanner's haircut and ending with 2 hours of grocery shopping (yuck) so the fun part of our day. Definatley the hair cut, but the older he gets the harder it is to get him to sit still. So here are some pictures.

Before and after. This is our first attempt at some kind of style. I think it makes him look more grown up. So after the haircut we did lunch. Then I had to go to the dr. For a follow up and they changed my medicine again!! My BP just isnt getting to where it needs to be. And after that, we took his parents to dinner (they left for Tx, today). Then grocery shopped. Ugh. Looking at it now it doesnt seem like we should have been gone for 12 hours, but we were.

**Just an update on Tanner...we have poop!!! He still cries when he goes but I think he's scared its going to hurt. So hopefully he will realize that its okay.

**As you can see Tonya made me another wonderful picture. I'm still working on changing the font colors to match the picture. So bare with me on the pink and navy blue. I'll get it sometime soon.

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