Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My poor baby...

Hmmm, should I eat it?
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I'm sure this isnt something people want to read about, but you know what...its my blog. Today, Tanner has just been screaming like he's in pain every time he tries to poop. I swear I hurt for him. Then to top it off he couldnt go. He hasnt gone since Wed. We took him to the dr for this after we got home from vacation. But today it was really bad. Then to top it off my husband took the one set of keys that has his truck key on it so I was stuck, I couldnt go anywhere. ( We share my car to save on gas) So I called Beck to see what I should do (thanks) then I had to call my mother in law to see if she could run to walgreens and then come by here. Mind you we live about 15 minutes away and out in the boonies, but she did!! And then she sat with me to make sure everything worked. Which it did, and finally he pooped but he screamed and screamed!!! His doctor does a sunday clinic and I'm thinking about calling because its not getting better. The first time she (his dr.) said because it wasnt often she wasnt going to give him any meds, but its been less than a month and this isnt the first time since its happened. He finally just fell asleep and its almost midnight. My poor baby guy. Okay, so theres my first entry in year about baby poo...

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