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Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scary day

Walking some more
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So I am at work (which sucks being its a holiday) and I get a phone call, and its Scott. Which normally is a good thing. Until he goes whats the name of the blue pill you take for your allergies....I was like why? He goes because Tanner brought me a pack and one is missing.....heart falls to floor now!!! I'm like oh god call poison control. I'm coming home, we're going to have to take him to the ER get him dressed I'm on my way" I'm panicing and I'm starting to cry because I"m not home. Then my husband says....no he didnt take it, I just wanted to know the name just in case...."Just in case what? You just said he didnt take it!!!???" So I still tell him to call poison control. It turns out she said it wasnt dangerous even if he did take it, just to keep an eye on him.....so by the time Scott calls me back I'm so upset I still leave work. I had to see for myself that he was okay. Not that I think Scott would lie to me. So I get home and there is my big boy waiting at the front door for me "Mommy, Mommy" ( heart melts here) and relief starts to set in. I dont know where he found this pill, neither does Scott...I am good about putting my meds up because I take BP meds. So I dont know if one fell, or what.

But lets recap the past 2 weeks.... my baby falls out of a buggie and gets a black eye and goose egg...and now he found a pill which he could have ( but didnt Thank GOD) taken. I'm thinking I'm working on the worst mother of the year award...

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