Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, June 30, 2006

Time out...

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So here comes the controversal topic of punishing kids. We've been kinda here and there about it. Usually a good stern "No" does the trick. But here lately he decides to ignore us. So we've been thinking about new ways. I mean if he's done something that he shouldnt have done...get in the cabinets, I may swat his very padded bottom. But today we tried time out and I think that will work better. I sat him in a chair for 2 minutes, I mean he cried the whole time but he didnt move. I like that better. I always feel bad when I pop his bottom. Of course it doesnt help when he puts out that bottome lip and looks at us with those blue eyes (and he's good at turning on the water works). So with time out I guess the guilt factor kinda goes away (kinda). I mean he's a good baby and we really dont have to get on to him about a lot. But there are times (when he's been told No 3 times and he goes to the garbage to get something again...)he just doesnt want to listen. I'm sure this is just a preveiw of the terrible twos coming. But I am scared of him being spoiled and thinking he doesnt have to listen. Okay, I'm off to see how much more my husband has painted. I almost think he's going to do the whole wall tonight. (Check me out. I posted twice in one day!! Its been awhile since I've done that.)

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