Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Do I stay or do I go?

Okay, so there have been some major changes going on at my job. And I hate change. That being said, I am not the only one at work who is dreding these changes. For those of us it affects...it seems to include more work and maybe less pay. Yes there has been talk about cutting our pay because our "titles" will be changed. So now I have to make a desision. I have been working for this place since I was 19. Ten years. Thats a long time. So naturally I'm kinda scared of the whole switching jobs thing. I'm comfortable where I am at. But I'm not happy. I get stressed everyday, and it was like this before I took the postion I have now. Maybe I'm just tired and need a change. But I know that no where I go will pay me what I make now. I will get close but not everything. I'm not worried about a little pay cut. You know, piece of mind is worth something. SO any thoughts on this. I've been racking my brain. Scott and I have talked about it. He wants me to quit. The place where he works is hiring and he loves it. There isnt one day that he comes home in a bad mood. He really loves his job. And after ten years I cant say that about mine. I like my job sometimes, it streses me out most of the time, I love the people I work with all the time. SO I just dont know. Someone told me just to put in an application and see what happens. (Sighs) I just dont know. ****Side note: My doctor called last night and all my blood work came back normal no diabeties and no thyroid problem. I have to go in tomorrow for my 2 week check up.
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