Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I've become one of those mothers I talk about at work. You know the ones who dont strap their kids in the buggies. And guess what?! Yep, Tanner fell out of one yesterday. Ohmygod!!! He got a goose egg right above his eye. He's fine. And he's tough. It happened where I work, Scott came up to take me to lunch. And Scott said to me "Why is your mouth bleeding?" I was like what, so I turned so he could look (it wasnt) and that when it happened. Tanner fell. I didnt panic, I picked him up and went to straight to the back, because I saw the bump on his head, and I know where they keep the ice packs. Tanner cried for maybe 3 minutes and he was ready to get down and play again. Go figure. I called the dr just to be on the safe side and they said as long as he wasnt throwing up or loosing consiousness (I so screwed that one up) he should be fine, just keep an eye on him. So...I will take a picture of him, it actually doesnt look too bad. I thought it would look worse today, but it didnt. It looks better. So we have now learned out lesson. Like it our not Toot gets strapped in. Well I'm off. We are redoing Toots room. Making it a little more "big boy" than baby. I will take some pics when were done. Later.
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