Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My stubborn child

Okay now I'm ready
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I have a question for those of you with sons. When did they start talking? I mean putting a word or two together. Or even saying more than 12 words? Because I'm begining to wonder. This is a list of what Tanner can say or should I say will say: Mommy, Daddy, doggy, kitty, Nani, Pa Pa, Kissy (which mean auntie Kristi) ball, and book. Tank you. Now lets talk about what he does if you tell him say please, he gets mad. He starts to get mad. Same when you tell him to say up or done. Because when he's eating he tends to toss the food off his high chair try, so we are trying to teach him to tell us he's done. And he gets mad. Ooohh my child is stubborn. So I would like to know when your kids started talking. I've been reading some blogs of little girls who are sixteen months old putting two or three words together or saying like fifty plus words. I'm begining to wonder if my little man is slow....not really. I personally think he's just stubborn, but how do I work with that?

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