Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just alot of randomness

I'm not even sure where to begin. This post may go in a few differant directions so try to bare with me. So where to start...I guess with Friday. We really didnt do too much. Worked on Tanner's room mostly. We had some neighborhood kids come and ask if they could cut our grass, not something we would normally do, but we said yes. They were only asking 15 dollars, that was front and back, and they even did some weed eating. Seeing that the were young 12-15 we took them drinks and Scott even loaned them our lawn mower so it didnt take them so long, there were like 6 of them. They did a really good job. So instead of 15 we paid them 25. Shoot it saved Scott from having to do it. We were informed Friday, that the county was taking over the trash service out here. You know how they informed us? They just dropped of new cans. No joke. I had to call the number to find out what was going on. I mean we already have a serivce. I was politely told, we would have to get rid of them and use the county, there was no choice in the matter, seeing that it would be added to our property taxes. I'm fine with it actually. I mean the service we have now is sometimey (is that even a word) they are suppose to pick up trash Wed. and Sat. But sometimes we will go a week before they pick it up. I tried to call Friday and tell them to come get the can, and their number has been disconnected. I thought about writing a letter, but I wouldnt know where to send it. They come to our door for the bill. I told Scott I'm just going to wheel the empty container out to the road and hope they take the hint. Now on another subject...Let me just say I LOVE MYSPACE. Yes I have one, but I dont really post on it. But let me tell you how many old friends I have found. People that I never thought I would find again. And yesterday, I actually talked to 2 people that I havent heard from in about 8 years. Brittany was my best friend in middle school, and we kept touch for long time after that. But seeing she lived in Ark. and I lived in NC we kinda drifted apart. And the other one I talked to is a friend from AFCENT, I had 5 very close friends to me there. I still talk to them all but one. I havent been able to locate her, nor had anyone else. Until yesterday. It was just awesome. I got to talk to 2 wonderful people yesterday,and on top of seeing my parents, it made yesterday more wonderful!!! And last but probably not least , I started a new blog. More for me than anything. When I had modblog, I had a page of poems and quotes, so I finally started one here on blogger. You guys are welcome to take a look. Okay thats it I'm going now.
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