Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, March 10, 2006

My poor baby

Well those of you who read my blog probably think I have the most sickly child in the world. I promise I dont. It just seems like when one thing happens the rest just seems to follow. Tues we went to the dr for his monthly check up for his anemia. It turns out that his levels have dropped even more. But our dr said not to worry. Lots of babies have iron defisionsies. Once we get his levels where they are suppose to be he wont have to take drops anymore. While we were there I had her check out his diaper rash. Which she said thats what it was. But when we told her about it she said the same thing Steph did, probably a yeast infection. But it wasnt. She told us we were doing a good job and to keep up with whatever we were doing. Then we go through the have you changed anything in his diet. Tried any new foods. Which we havent. I told her the ony thing differant was he started the iron drops. She had all intentions of taking him of the drops but since the levels were lower she couldnt. So she gave us a differant kind. Which he likes it smells like grapes so I'm guessing thats what it taste like. And he only has to get them once a day. Which is a plus. So Wed was uneventful. Yesterday I got home from work and Scott said he had been kinda mopey all day. Just laying down and watching tv. Which is not normal for my child. So when Scott went to work Tanner crawled up in my lap and just snuggled. Ten minutes later he's throwing up all over the place. Me, him, the rug. Thats the first time he has ever thrown up. My first thought was he gagged himself because he does that sometimes. So I cleaned us up and we sat back down and he did it again. This went on for an hour. I called the dr and when she called back he finally fell asleep. Not before throwing up the pedalite I tried to get him to drink. So the dr said if it continued for 4 hours to take him to the ER. But to let him sleep. Not to give him any food (duh) and just a tbls of pedalite at a time. And to call back if it got worse. Well he woke up about an hour later and yes the poor thing got sick again. Then he went back to sleep. He got up 30 minutes later and started playing like nothing was wrong. Go figure. I still didnt give him anything but pedalite. But today he's been eating anything you put in front of him. So I dont know what was wrong. I asked about the new iron drops but she said he would have shown signs the day before. But he's up and running now. Just a little pale. Then somewhere in there he crawled on our bed and fell off and bruised his cheek. So HOPEFULLY next week will be uneventful for my little man. He needs break. Until later ya'll.
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