Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My sisters Keeper...if you want to read the book dont read this

This is for you Tiff...so by the middle of the book during the trial Anna tells everyone Kate (the sick sister) asked her not to give her the kidney. She didnt want it she was ready to die. Anna really did want to give her the kidney. So after alot of soul searching for the whole family, the judge gave Anna medical emancipation. So the family goes to the hostpital to see Kate and Anna stays behinde to sign the nessisary papers, then her lawyer takes her to the hostpital. There is a terrible car accident, and Anna dies...yes the little sister dies. So her dad who is a fire fighter is called to the scene only to find out it is his daughter. When her mom meets them in the ER they tell them that Anna is brain dead and ask if the want her to be organ doner. So the lawyer (who the judge gave power of atternory of Anna to) steps in and says there is a girl upstairs who needs her kidneys...so in the end it didnt matter, because Kate got the kidney anyway, as one last gift. Then it skips to the year 2010 where you find out that Kate is still in remission from the cancer which the drs claim is a mirical that even with the transplant she shouldnt have made it that long. But she says "One of us was suppose to die, Anna just took my place" and even though she got on with her life, she never got over the guilt she feels....it had a semi happy ending. I guess you would call it bitter sweet. SO there you go. But I do suggest to every one to go read it, it was an awesome book. Later yall.
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