Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And the verdict is....

Wait for it....I GOT THE JOB!! Lets see if I'm that excited in the next couple of weeks. Because the Christmas season is now in full swing and things are crazy. But it will be a nice increase in pay and once the holiday season is over nice calm hours. Thats my big news. As for little news, I was sick as a dog yesterday, I thought I was going to die. I feel better now. Still congested but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. Lets see what else. Oh yeah, we're going to NC Thurs to take our dog Security to my parents. For some reason these past couple of weeks, he keeps getting out of the fence. Where we live since its out in the boonies, the speed limit on our street in 55, unless you drive like Beck and then its like 70 (J/K) Then to top it off there are no street lights so he'd be dead if he gets hit. Plus he doesnt realize he's not a puppy anymore and if he jumps on someone we will be in trouble. So we had to chain him up and the damn dog got out of his collar and chain. So now he's in a harness and he's bummed because he cant get out of it. But my folks have big yard. Their fence is way better than ours and my dad can train where we couldnt. SO he will be better off, and I feel better knowing who he's with. Because I know my parents will take care of him. So we will be leaving way early Thurs, so we can spend some time with my mom and dad. Well I'm off for now.....OH yeah, does anyone know if there is something you can give a dog that will knock him out safely? Our vet wants to charge us $60 just to go in there then the cost of medicine. I was just wondering if there was something safe...
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